Monika is on a week’s holiday now. She was able to see me yesterday and take me to the Medical Centre. I already mentioned all the medical procedure that went on yesterday. I have now another appointment to see Dr.Krish again on Monday, the 28th at 12,10pm, so that she can tell me the result of the tests.

Monika and I had a late lunch yesterday. We had Chinese Tea and shared a lunch special: Boiled rice and vegies with a sauce that contained cashews among other things. It was the perfect lunch for us. So many different vegies, a real lot of them, and very tasty! Later on Tashi came, and she volunteered to do my shopping for me at ALDIs. In the meantime Monika took me home. No rest for the wicked! Some Internet Banking had to be done. It took Monika a while to set it up properly. I had to talk to the bank, so that my identity could be established. Then Monika just transferred the money that had to be transferred.

The backyard deck is already finished and paid for now. But a few other things still need doing. It is going to look very good in the end!

Beginning of October 2017



I can’t believe that today is already the 4th of October. The different months just come too quickly. I feel as though it must still be September!

Well, these beautiful flowers in the picture I received last Sunday, which was the 1st of October. On Monday we had a public holiday here in NSW and Victoria of Australia. So this long weekend was a good   time for travelling. Our daughter Monika for instance and a lot of her family travelled to Victora over last weekend. I hope now that Monika can see us after work sometime this week so she can tell us all about their trip to Victoria. I think they stayed for one night in Benalla where our son Martin lives now.

We had daughter Caroline and Matthew staying with us last Sunday. We went for lunch to the TREASURE COURT restaurant at the Dapto Leagues Club which I enjoyed very much. I had small prawns in Curry sauce and boiled rice. We also had vegetarian mini spring rolls  as an entree. And all four of us had beautiful Chinese tea. We each got a fortune cookie with our tea. Caroline and I took our cookies home and did only open them at home. Can I remember what it said  on the cookies’ verses? Sorry, no I can’t.


With our coffee at home we had savories instead of cake. I took some more pictures of my beautiful flowers on one of the following days: