Our Saturday, 25 Oct 2014


Maxim Gorki’s play “Children of the Sun” was shown at the Drama Theatre in Sydney’s Opera House. We saw this play last Saturday. There was a matinee performance at 2 pm which suited us for we prefer to be home at nighttime. Before we went to the theatre we met Caroline for lunch in the city.


Caroline had a salad and Peter and I had beer battered fish and chips.
Caroline had a salad and Peter and I had beer battered fish and chips.

We told Caroline that we had lunch at the same place on the last day of the year 2012. Later at home I looked up the post I published from that day. Sure enough I did find the lunch pictures and was able to republish them.




On the Way to Sydney


We traveled by train to Sydney last Wednesday and last Thursday. The picture at the top is actually one of the last pictures I took from the train on the way back home on Thursday. On Wednesday Peter had a dental appointment and I had a tooth out that gave me a lot of trouble. Thursday we went to Sydney again and I received my newly fitted dentures. I was glad then that everything was all right.

Still took it a bit easy over the weekend. Friday afternoon I played Scrabble and Rummycub with my friends as planned. Saturday morning was such a beautiful warm morning that Peter and I decided to pay the Dapto pool a visit. We didn’t regret it because the water was absolutely marvelous. Even though I had a bit of pain in my right leg, I still enjoyed some gentle exercises in the water.

A few hours later on Saturday unfortunately the pain did get really bad. Then with a lot of rest it got a bit better on Sunday. I felt I had to see the doctor on Monday morning to find out what was wrong with me. So I did go and saw the doctor this morning. He sent me to have a blood-test done. I am to go back in one week to find out the result of the blood-test.

The doctor asked me whether I had done too heavy work recently. I mentioned that last Monday we had gone back to the house where our deceased daughter had lived and which was being cleaned out. But I didn’t really have to do very much.

What else did we do last week? Well, I didn’t mention that on Wednesday we left very early in the morning to go to our friend’s place who had invited us for lunch. She went all the way to spoil us to bits! No wonder I felt so comfortable at her place that I didn’t feel like going to see the dentist. I told her, I’d rather stay at her lovely place a bit longer. Still we had to catch the bus in time for our appointments. When we did get home in the evening we had been out and about for eleven hours! Really a rather long day for us.

Our welcome drink - (non alcoholic)
Our welcome drink – (non alcoholic)



cheese from three different countries
cheese from three different countries
View onto the harbour
View onto the harbour