Life and style Empty nest? Not a chance

Saskia Sarginson writes in The Guardian about “millennials”. She says if you Google “millennials” you will come across several negative articles citing their failings. I just read Saskia’s article where she points out that her children millennials, but far from the stereotypes society pokes fun at.

My children are millennials, but are far from the stereotypes society pokes fun at

Her article with the above heading was published in The Guardian on 25th  November 2017. Saskia explains that a millennial is a young adult, aged 18-34, She says about the millennials the following:

“They are depicted as entitled, narcissistic and lazy, sponging off  their parents while procrastinating about what to do with their lives; their favourite occupation is documenting every detail of their days in a series of selfies; if they do indulge in a little light ‘adulting’, say microwaving their own supper, then this too will be recorded and posted.”

But Saskia says that her own children are not entitled, narcissistic or lazy but angry, for instance that they have no prospects for getting on the property ladder. Most of all they are angry about the state of the world, such as:

“Global warming, plastic floating in the oceans, fracking, the destruction of the rainforests, pollution, and the evils of factory farming.”

Saskia says that none of her children plan to procreate. Her son says this is the right decision because the world is “so fucked up”. It saddens Saskia, that her children have so little hope for the future.

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