A few weeks ago we bought a couple of dragon fruits. We had no idea what they would taste like or how healthy they are.  Finally, I looked it up here:


Looking at this article I am amazed that this fruit has that many benefits as for instance for the heart. It says: ” Because dragon fruits are loaded with fiber and antioxidants, they both contribute to keeping the heart healthy and young. They fight against plaque clogging up in the arteries, maintaining the blood circulation in the body.”

After reading this, I am determined now to buy more of this amazing fruit and use them for instance in salads and with yoghurt.



The other day I published a picture of some verses. And here now is another picture of some verses I saw recently when we were visiting the Nan Tien Temple:


What do I learn from these verses? Being very elderly, for sure certain things are often not easy to accomplish. Whatever I do, it tires me quickly. Walking is one of these things. I know that this is so. None the less I face this difficulty again and again. Soon I’ll by leaving for a little morning walk.

When the body feels a bit painful, a bit of stretching before walking eases the pain. And stopping during walking a few times and do some stretching helps a lot too, especially with breathing. This I have learned. So I do not mind stopping a few times, meaning, I face up to it.

My plan is to walk for a bit every morning and as often as possible during the day. I enjoy it a lot. I love being outside in the open. Also, to walk among trees is most enjoyable! There are lots of trees where I walk along in the morning.


On the 31st of December 2017 I wrote this:

“Soon we were ready to drive to Nan Tien Temple. The place was packed full and we had to park outside a bit further away from the Entrance Gates. The rain had stopped. So we experienced another beautiful walk to this magnificent building. Peter took some photos as we walked towards the building. The open inside area at the upper level was decorated in celebratory fashion for the year’s end. We listened to some music and watched some of the dance performances. At one of the stands with a lot of things for sale I bought a colourful windmill.”

You can see this windmill in my post here:


This colourful windmill we set up on our dining room table for our New Year’s Eve celebrations.

This windmill is set up somewhere outside now. When there’s some wind, it does turn round and round. The colours still look quite fresh!