Rain, Rain, Rain

For the past couple of days and nights it has been raining constantly with only a few short breaks. This morning was such a break. I managed to go for a little walk even though my right knee started aching as soon as I lifted it up a bit during walking. Bravely as I was I had decided I would walk today without the help of my walking stick. I had left the walking stick at home. If I did not need it walking around at home, why would I need it to walk   outside? This is what I thought. Anyhow I took this picture of a street  sign hidden in a plant. Then I ventured back home. There were still a lot of clouds, but no rain. I did not feel too bad. I actually took a few more pictures around our house. Everything was still rather wet  of course.







This is the last bit of our bougainvilleas


View from our computer room