Union of Concerned Scientists

This is the site for the Union of Concerned Scientists:


A couple of days ago I published this:


And here is a blogger friend’s response to it. Debra wrote:

“It should be scandalous, but I don’t think most people are even surprised any more. Very troubling, however. Thank you, Uta.”

After reading Debra’s response I made the following comment:

I am very concerned that politicians with some knowlege of science are often not capable of evidence-based decision making.

I hate it, when powerful corporations or special interest groups mislead us on science. And can we not be educated to see that we ought to aim that our food, power and transport are being produced in a sustainable way? I mean these things should be obvious to any government by now. And governments should show us the way how these things can become achievable.

I am not a very educated person. But I was able to find the above information (about the Union of Concerned Scientists!) on the internet. I would imagine anybody that gets voted into a parliament for sure has similar information at hand and ought to think about it what can be done about it.

I guess the problem so far is that powerful corporations and special interest groups have the power to overrule anything sensible that politicians might aim for in achieving in the interest of humankind. I wonder whether there is any chance that corporations might change their thinking drastically and maybe start acting more like the Union of Concerned Scientists might want them to act. And then maybe there would be a chance that governments also would be able to act accordingly. Sustainability does not have to mean that all of us have to live like paupers. We can still have a good life, without too much stress and not the constant threat of wars!

Please have a look, here is a link to some blogs I find very interesting: