Alone in Berlin – Everyone Dies Alone: YouTube Video

Today we watched this movie with Hildegard Knef.

Hans Fallada’s book is based on a true story, and this film was made based on Fallada’s book. We saw the film in German. When I say German, I would like to point out, most actors spoke with a very strong Berlin dialect! The acting was very good. However some of the characters in this story are so disgusting that it is hard to watch them. And these very disgusting characters were the ones in powerful positions and the more gentle and better educated characters were always powerless to do anything against the most horrible excesses of those in power. The film shows what happens to simple, not very well educated people that just lead an ordinary life when for some reason they object to how the regime treats them – in this case the Nazi regime.

This movie is set into 1940 in Berlin. Maybe at the time the majority of the population would not have objected much to the way the war was handled by the Nazis. They may have still believed that it was important to support all the war efforts. The propaganda was, that you had to make sacrifices for the good of the nation. If your son died in battle, even if it was your only son, you should be proud of him that he died a war hero. And so on. Only slowly, after several years of war, more and more people would regard this continuing war as madness and wanting to protest against it. It was common knowledge that any protesters would be severely punished. The resistance fighters would have been well aware that protesting against the regime could mean certain death if they were caught.

Jeder stirbt für sich allein Trailer German Deutsch: Alone in Berlin Trailer)

Sunday, 15th March 2015

I reblog this post so my followers have a chance to listen to “Pop Corn” and to see this 73 year old family picture!

When you go to the original you’ll find two great videos as well as a family picture from 1942. In the picture you see Peter with his two sisters, Eva and Ilse. Yesterday was Eva’s birthday. She turned 83!

In May this year Ilse is going to turn 81 and Peter is going to be 80 three days after Ilse’s birthday.

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Wie die Musik zeigt, kann das Leben sehr kunterbunt sein. Und dieser Schlager von 1969 war ja damals sehr beliebt. Vielleicht haben wir damals sogar danach getanzt. Heute ist das alles ganz anders.  Ich bin ruhiger geworden.

Gestern war  Sonntag. Eigentlich kein besonderer Tag im Leben von Rentnern. Schließlich haben wir Dauerurlaub auf Staatskosten. Das gefällt unserer Regierung (Australien) gar nicht und sie überlegt, wie sie die Altersrente beschränken könnte. Die Bevölkerung wird immer älter und bald gibt es nicht mehr genug Arbeitende, welche die Rente für uns Alten erarbeiten können. Das kommt davon, wenn man nichts zurückgelegt hat.

Es war aber doch ein besonderer Tag, denn meine ältesten Schwester, die in Österreich lebt,  hatte Geburtstag. Ich rief sie an, um ihr zum Geburtstag zu gratulieren. Dann warf ihr Ehemann seinen Computer an  und wir konnten auch noch, nach einigen Schwierigkeiten, skypen. Dann sprach ich auch noch mit meiner anderen…

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