4 thoughts on “Memories

  1. Yes, Munira, this sure is me at age thirteen some sixty-four years ago! I’ll turn 77 next week. I wrote a blog about best friends in 1947 and included a picture where you can see me with my two best friends. I had problems with adding this above picture, that is the reason why it isn’t in the previous post with the other picture.

  2. It’s nice to look back on those photos when we were younger. I’ve yet to gather mine and hopefully preserved them . We are lucky now with todays technology, we can preserve the momentos forever. stay blessed my friend.

    1. I agree, todays technology is quite amazing in that it makes it so easy to preserve a lot of pictures. I still have hundreds of pictures in photo-books. It’s a huge task to sort them out and preserve them for future generations.I just wished I were more technology minded. Anything to do with technology doesn’t come easily to me. At the moment I’m just happy if I can add here and there another picture to my writings.

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