My tenth Birthday

7 thoughts on “My tenth Birthday

  1. Glad you like it, dear Munira. I wanted to include a few comments to go with it, but somehow I was unable to accomplish such a simple thing. Just couldn’t find out how to do it!

    Here some explanations about the photo: Mum took it. She made me be in the front because I was the birthday girl. She made me wear this pink dress, which I hated! I thought I didn’t have the right proportions to wear a dress like this.

    Anyhow, I was very happy that I had been allowed to invite a few of my friends. There were three new friends from Herzfelde Primary School, as well as two old friends from Lichtenow Primary school, who were the teacher’s daughters. And then there’s Edith (not her real name) and my 6 year old brother Bob. The 7 year old teacher’s daughter is between E and B.

    1. You know I wondered why you didn’t write anything here Aunty Uta. Thanks for the background 🙂 I’m amazed that you remember these interesting little titbits from your past! Funny how we all hate the clothes our moms made us wear when we were kids!

    2. I was wondering which one you were – so this explains it. How funny, there looks nothing wrong with this dress (but just as well it’s only b/w! 🙂 ).
      The birthday girl in the FRONT. So sweet.

      1. Hi Noeleen,

        so good of you to comment and liking the birthday girl. I guess I often had a hard time liking myself.It still happens occasionally. that I wish I had a different shape! I know my mum loved me very much, however I kept feeling I could never live up to her standards in looks. You know I felt terribly inferior. I can’t say that mum put me down, on the contrary. I just wasn’t a very ‘girlish’ girl. To my mind mum would probably have liked me to be more girlish.

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