Diary of Aunty Uta

Tuesday, 5. 7. 2011

Yesterday I saw Dr. B for the first time. My own GP had already ten patients enrolled for the morning. I did not feel like waiting around just to get a new script. So I enrolled for the next available doctor. ‘May I take your blood pressure?’ Dr. B asked. ‘Sure,’ I said.

When my blood pressure turned out to be quite high, I explained to Dr. B that I had been rushing a bit before I went to see him. In a very gentle voice he responded by saying:

‘We all feel rushed at times. However it may be quite dangerous if because of feeling rushed the blood pressure constantly reaches too high levels. Do you take your blood pressure tablet every day?’

‘Yes, every morning, Doctor. – I just need a new prescription.’ – ‘All right, I give you your prescription, but I want you to see your GP in four weeks time so he can check your blood pressure again.’

I had told the doctor about the cancerous growth on my tongue, also that it had been successfully cut out during a procedure at the hospital. After having looked at my files in the computer, he asked me whether I was going to see the specialist, Dr. P, again. I said yes, I was going to see him again this month.

‘My tongue feels all right now, Doctor. I don’t think there’s anything to worry about.’ The doctor gave me the script for my blood pressure tablets. He asked, whether I wanted to talk about something else. But I there was nothing else that bothered me that morning. I just wanted the repeat prescription! I was only too happy to leave the consultation room, script in hand, after having signed the form for Medicare. I liked Dr. B. I thought he tried to be very helpful.

Since that conversation with Dr. B I keep thinking about my problem with blood pressure. Why is it that I feel so easily rushed? Why does the blood pressure immediately go sky high with just a little bit of rushing? I am seventy-six. Why don’t I slow down a bit more? If I did everything really slowly I”m sure I’d have no problem with blood pressure!

The Thursday Heart Move Exercises at Heininger House are just called ‘Gentle Exercises’ now. Martha is a very good instructor. She sees to it that the exercises remain gentle. Whenever someone in the group cannot cope with all of the gentle exercises that person is encouraged to sit down and do the exercises sitting down. Some of the exercises we all do sitting down anyway. The exercises are for senior citizens. Twenty people are enrolled in the class. Each of us pays only two Dollars fifty Cents for the one hour session.

After having exercised for about thirty minutes we have a little break when glasses of water are being offered. Some people use the break to go to the toilet. The exercises are so slow moving with lovely accompanying music that I hardly get a chance to feel out of breath. Since everything is done slowly, I usually don’t find it too difficult to keep moving for the whole hour. I find the exercises improve my balance! And they seem to be good breathing exercises as well.

4 thoughts on “Diary of Aunty Uta

  1. Do take care of yourself, Anty Uta! As we grow older, our arteries slowly lose their elasticity. It takes a lot more effort for our hearts to pump blood to the rest of our bodies than it used to. This is all part of aging. And this is even for people who do not have cholesterol deposits along the walls of their arteries. The latter makes things worse, of course.

    It’s not unusual for your body to compensate when you are rushed at your age. Also, as we get older, we may need a change of medication or an adjustment on the dose or a second drug to help keep our blood pressure down. A lot of doctors will add a second medication because two medications at lower doses tend to be better tolerated by most patients than increasing the dose of one medication. The higher the dose, the more chances of developing unwanted side-effects. I hope this helps.

    1. Dear MOL, your comments are very helpful. You seem to know a lot about the problem of aging. It seems to me, it may be worth it to subscribe to two medications if this helps to keep the doses lower.
      Thank you so much for your comment. I appreciate it!

      1. Do take care of yourself.

        I look after my parents’ health issues. They are both in their early 80’s. My dad has mire issues than my mom. I’m also a doctor although my specialty is children. Still, I help manage my parents’ appointments, surgeries when necessary, and all that.

  2. Your parents are very lucky that they have a daughter who can help them as much. Good on you, MOL! Lovely to hear about your involvement. You’re to be congratulated on your caring. I am sure you all love each other very much to be caring like that. May your parents have many more years to enjoy old age in as good a health as possible.
    Thank you heaps for your comment, dear MOL.

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