Wollongong Christmas Pictures 2010

I just found last year’s Christmas pictures which we took in Wollongong, NSW. I can’t believe, another Christmas is approaching soon. The year went so quickly.

5 thoughts on “Wollongong Christmas Pictures 2010

  1. Your pictures bring back memories.
    Ich war einmal in Australien. Ich erinnere mich, wie das Flugzeug den Sommer in Deutschland hinter sich lies, um in Sydney zu landen. Ich hatte unter all den fremdartigen Eindrücken völlig vergessen, dass da eine ganz andere Jahreszeit war. Es fühlte sich noch immer an wie ein kühler Sommer. Bei einem Spaziergang am Strand begegneten mir Damen in Pelzmänteln. Es dauerte eine Weile, bis ich mich daran gewöhnte.

  2. Beauriful, warm and happy pictures my friend. I too can’t believe that Christmas is fast approaching. Time is so quick that we really need to enjoy each day, each season for as long as we can with our love ones. My son just turned 6… I wish I can prolong time cause he is growing fast too… Life huh? Have a blessed day my friend. Best wishes to your family!

  3. I am 2nd generation USA, grandparents immigrated from Poland during the 1st WW. My Dad was in the 2nd WW (bless his soul)… I hope that you continue to write your memories and know that someone, somewhere needs to hear them as I did/do.

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