Sydney to be lit up

Fantastic lights for Christmas. Maybe you want to have a look here:

12 thoughts on “Sydney to be lit up

  1. Colourful, lovele lights before Christmas, I guess you’re going to see them in a lot of different places from now on. All the shopping centres have already the most beautiful Christmas decorations out. Only four more weeks to Christmas! Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Hurrah for Advent tomorrow!! Thank you for stopping by my blog Uta and leaving your lovely comments. I’m never sure whether to reply on my blog or on yours, so I’ve done both today to make sure you can see my comments too!

      I hope you get your Christmas wish with the decorations and the Advent wreath. When it comes to our Carol Service in two weeks time I’ll think of you on the other side of the world when I sing our carols. If I’m well enough (fingers and toes crossed please!) I’ll be playing my trumpet along with the organist for some of the carols. I love playing the descants and I love sending the shivers down people’s spines with the high notes. Hark The Herald Angels Sing is my favourite descant. I’ll keep you in mind when we sing it ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Many years ago we stopped in Singapore on our way to Europe. It was November. There were already lots and lots of Christmas decorations out over the streets of Singapore and in the shopping centres.

  2. Now that’s what Christmas lights should be. In a time filled with hardships, images like this brings hope and joy. Christmas is a time for happy events and Sydney lights is a perfect , magnificent example of that beautiful holiday season. Best wishes to you and your family.

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