Remembering Apollo Bay

Some of my blogger friends may be interested in seeing some more pictures of our recent beach holiday at Apollo Bay. It usually takes me very long just to show a few pictures and there are so many to choose from!



8 thoughts on “Remembering Apollo Bay

  1. Hi Uta! Thank you for your comments on my blog and I’m so sorry you had a big reply typed in before the computer ate it 😦

    I love these photographs of your trip. The stacks in the sea look so dramatic. You are a lucky lady!

    Best wishes
    Pam x

    1. Hi Pam!

      I hope the computer wont ‘eat’ too many more things in future. Thanks very much for your reply.

      I love to be at home, but I also love to be away from home from time to time. What you do on trips is often more memorable than what you do at home. Have you planned any outings for this year?

      Hubby and I saw yesterday ‘The Descendants’ at a local cinema. George Clooney plays Hawaiian land baron Matt King. The Hawaiian Islands come across as being very beautiful. I find a lot of the places in Australia are just as beautiful. Yes, you’re right, I’m a lucky lady to be here!

      Hubby and I are going to read the novel ‘The Descendants’ as an e-book. It’s already in our e-book collections waiting to be read. It’s about relationships, excesses in modern life, complications because of this and even death.

      Wishing you all the Best, dear Pam.

      Love, Uta

  2. Oh, I want to go here too. So beautiful, fun and lots of smile and laughter. You and your hubby look so sweet…just an inspiring vision of love and hope…thank you my friend. You made my day as sunny as the Sun of the breathtaking bay!

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