Uta’s Memories from August 2010


Towards the End of August 2010

 Can’t wait for Spring to arrive …..

 Yes, we already had a few warm, rather springlike days; however, at the moment it’s back to wintry conditions. So please, please let it be spring soon! I’m sick of having to switch the heaters on all the time!

Recently Peter and I spent a weekend in Goulburn to attend a conference. We were booked into a motor-lodge. The outside temperature seemed very low. However we dressed warmly so that we did not feel cold at all when we walked to the shops. And our motel was well heated anyway. All in all we had a very pleasant weekend.

 I’m still contemplating whether I would like to live in an inland town. I know it would be cold in winter and very hot in summer. What I am not sure about is, would I be able to cope with a climate like that? After all I’m constantly upset about too many cold days in our coastal suburb! Maybe if the house, I was going to live in, was built for a colder/hotter climate, I would be able to cope?

 In any case I really do not like the idea that we all live in overcrowded coastal areas with not enough infra-structure for the steady increase in population. It’s such a shame that a lack of jobs forces more and more people to move away from inland country towns to coastal areas. Even new arrivals to our country settle on the main only in coastal areas.

 I hope that broadband is going to make a difference. If broadband gets installed all over the country it may result in more jobs being created further inland. This may perhaps give those deserted inland towns a new lease of life! I can’t wait to see what kind of government we’re going to get after our recent elections. A hung parliament may be not so bad in the way they form a government. It may perhaps result in the big parties having to listen a bit more to the wishes of the people rather than just follow party politics all the time However, no matter what kind of government we are going to get, I hope something will be done about broadband in those inland country areas!

4 thoughts on “Uta’s Memories from August 2010

    1. Last year we had a look at a country town with a railway station half way on the way to Melbourne. This town would not have been a bad choice if ever we made up our minds to actually do something about moving away from the coast. Maybe next year we can have another look. But you’re right, we may have little time. If we want to move it would be better sooner rather than later.

  1. loved this auntyuta!! it is very interesting to me to read about all the things and trends going on in Australia–and to get reminders that our seasons are flip-flopped. i love to watch population and behavioral trends…..fascinating to see the trends in Australia are to head to the coastal towns. here the trends are for some shifts from big cities (where jobs have dried up) to other big cities for some, and smaller towns for simpler ways of life for other people. yet at the same time, in some small towns there are no jobs and people are going to big cities…..as the young people say “it’s complicated”. 😉

    1. Yes, it seems to be “complicated”. That you love to watch population and behavioral trends is really great. Thank you so much for commenting on it!

      I suppose there are lots of different trends all over the world for lots of different reasons. However for the moment it is a fact that here in Australia you find the great bulk of the population in coastal areas.

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