My visit to Paris in 1954

I found in one of my old photo albums several photos from my visit to Paris in 1954. The guy with the hat is twenty year old Bubie. I mentioned him in my previous blog. The guy with me in front of the Eiffel Tower is one of the busdrivers (the older one). The French tour-guide you can see in the street picture with the METRO sign in it. He wears a coat. The one in the jacket is the younger busdriver.

In the group picture I am right at the back beside Bubie.

18 thoughts on “My visit to Paris in 1954

    1. Hi Munira, I was thinking about what I wrote in ‘When I was fourteen’.
      At that stage the elderly Fräulein (spinstev) at the surgery had probably been the only one who had ever paid me a compliment regarding my figure. And I was a bit touchy about being told I had such an erect posture. Because children in the street would tease other children for walking very upright, calling them being proud and snobbish..I always wanted to guard myself so as not to be called this.

      Strangers from building sites would soon call me .’Frau’ when I passed them. They saw me as a Frau, not as a young ‘Fräulein, and I was probably only fifteen! Of course being shy as I was, I ignored them, not paying any attention to their whistles and their remarks calling me ‘Frau’. A quick witted Berlin girl would have shouted a suitable answer back at them. I definitely wasn’t quick witted like this. On the conrary, I was
      extremely shy and embarassed,

      Not so a few years later in Paris.I felt rather more carefree there. Never in my life had I felt this confident and good about the way I should behave. I very much enjoyed being me in Paris. Not for one moment did I doubt that this door would be opened sooner or later. She just had to open the door eventually, I knew this. There was absolutely no need to panic or get anxious. I wasn’t angry, well not much. I think I pitied the young woman that she couldn’t have a room to herself to have a good time with loverboy.

      1. But actually she must have had quite a bit of time with loverboy because by the time I was back from a night out on the dance-floor it was to my recollection already around four in the morning! Maybe she thought I had decided to sleep somewhere else! Yeh, that’s probably what she thought and didn’t expect me back at all. Bad luck for her, wasn’t it? But she didn’t hold any grudges. I actually liked her. She was a friendly, good looking young woman.

        Sorry Munira, I just thought I add this too. I didn’t know it would turn out to be such a long comment!

  1. Love every bit of the photos…just full of life and adventure. Like the best where you guys had the tower as a background. I always appreciate the beautiful photos of the past…just makes me smile. Happy Valentine’s Day and best wishes to you and your love ones.

    1. Dear IT, thanks very much for visiting and commenting. It’s great that you enjoy looking at these photos of the past. Thanks and best wishes to you and your loved ones!

    1. You’re right, that’s interesting! Thank you for visting, dear Eliz, and for all your comments! I’m glad you liked the old photos. I think the photos show that I felt at ease in Paris.

  2. I had a hard look at those pictures and can’t find myself in them. A pity I could not go with you. You know what they say, I love Paris in the springtime

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