For years I’ve been walking with my neighbour Irene, usually for about half an hour early in the morning. I am 77. Irene is only one year younger. However she seems to be a great deal fitter than I am. I struggle all the time to keep up with her pace of walking.

Before my operation on the tongue last year I had to visit a pre-operation clinic. I was seen by three different women doctors who were all extremely friendly. During the interview with one of the doctors I mentioned that I had often trouble walking fast. She asked me then whether I liked swimming. I said I liked it very much. Her advice was then to go more often swimming rather than walking. I very much welcomed this advice and have often thought about it. Indeed I frequently went swimming in winter time last year. This was soon after the operation. I loved it.

Yet strangely enough, during last summer I didn’t make it to the pool very often. I decided now I am going to change this. Just a few minutes ago I thought of a plan which I want to write down now.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Walking and swimming in the morning

Tuesday: Thai Yoga from about 9am to 11 am

Thursday: 12 to 1 pm Gentle Heartmove Exercises

Saturday: Walking to buy the newspaper

Sunday: Walking to church

It’s not a great change in my schedule. The only significant change is the inclusion of swimming on a regular basis. Because of this I am going to cut short the walk with Irene and go to the swimming pool instead. I feel good to have made this decision. Please, wish me all the best that I am going to stick to it!

12 thoughts on “Diary

    1. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment, Terri. I was always so grateful that I had someone to walk with. Irene has been very good for me. Also that I had someone to talk to in English on a daily basis. I will continue to walk with her, but for only ten to fifteen minutes. Then I will have reached the crossing that leads to the pool

      For about fifteen minutes I can keep up with Irene’s pace. No worries. I trust, Irene wont mind having to go for the rest of the way by herself. At least she can rush on then at her own pace without having to worry about me!

      1. Thank you for your reply. I am sure she is just as interested in your progress at the pool as I am…you make me want to walk more. I have been but I need to do more for health!!! We will get there!

    1. Thanks, Eliz, for stopping by. I am an aged pensioner with lots of time on my hands (Ha, ha!). I find it often rather difficult to catch up on all the reading. It must be even more difficult for working people.

  1. Swimming is a great way to relax, unwind, be healthy. It’s also a great way to feel good and strong. We all need a piece of time for ourselves …go for it my friend….Take care.

    1. After very heavy rainfalls during the past few days, surprise, surprise, the sun was out this morning and I went for a lovely swim. Thank you very much for commenting, dear Island Traveler. Weather permitting I’ll go for another swim on Monday. The pool looked so beautiful in the early morning hours. I regretted that I didn’t have my camera with me to take some pictures.

      1. Glad you got to go for a swim. It is hard for me to establish and stick to an exercise routine. I seem to have the same exact trouble establishing a routine in reading and communicating with my favorite blogs/bloggers. I wish you all the best in your swimming and walking quest.

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