Towards the End of April 2012

Last Thursday we saw Gaby in Merrylands. She waited for us near Merrylands Station. Honey, her dog, was with her. Honey had been bitten by a big dog a bit over a week ago. She had needed some stitches which cost Gaby a lot of money. On Thursday these stitches were due to come out. We didn’t have to go far from the station to the vet’s surgery. Honey had her stitches out in no time. She seems to be all right now.

The following Friday we were busy around the house. We were lucky for it was a sunny day again. We needed to air a big mattress. This mattress is seventeen years old. But it has been keeping well. We got it for our youngest daughter when she was nearly seventeen. The son of her partner is seventeen now. They want the mattress and the bed for their seventeen year old son. So apart from airing the mattress, Peter disassembled the bed. Taking pictures of everything I got into the mood of taken also some pictures through the different windows at the side and back of our house. I can’t get over it how much everything has grown outside. I thought taking photos of it would look quite impressive!

This is a view from one of the dining-room windows
Here is part of the dismantled bed
Our daughter loved to have these for company

Here now are some photos taken from the bedrrom (facing the back), also the laundry door and the kitchen window towards the back. There is another view from the dining-room facing to the right side of the house.”>

Ages ago we had planted some Gerbera bulbs. From time to time one or the other new flower makes a surprise appearance.

One of our grandsons, who owns a van, offered to take bed and mattress to the daughter’s place. This morning he came as promised to collect the things. We have a bit more room now in the spare bedroom. It’s going to be our ‘quiet’ sitting-room, meaning there won’t be any electronical gadgets in this room, not even a TV set.

April is coming to an end. The month of May with a very full program is approaching!

I decided I try to add the window pictures again in a larger size to make them look more impressive.

Berlioz wrote a different blog with some of my pictures. You find it here.

7 thoughts on “Towards the End of April 2012

  1. Sorry, three of the pictures, which I updated, somehow got to the top of the post. I don’t know how this happened. All the window-pictures are in it twice now. Sorry about this but I didn’t want to delete the smaller pics for fear something might go wrong then. So the blog looks a bit messy. It shows that I am a real novice as far as inserting pics is conderned. Next time I’m going to stick to the larger version of pics in the first place. The larger pics are usually a better choice, I think.

    I hope when I insert pictures again in another blog I’ll do a bit better job. I think one can only learn by one’s mistakes, right?

  2. Recording all those daily events by word and camera seem to be your speciality Uta. Very enterprising and interesting.
    Those bulbs have a way of popping up. We have the first of our bulbs coming up including the daffodils and jonquils.
    Is that dog in the first picture a Jack Russell? We have a Jack Russell, very much a rascal. They seem to have a will of their own.

    1. Hi Gerard!

      Gaby’s dog is a fox terrier / whippet cross. She is a specially bread ‘companion’ dog and Gaby is allowed to take her on trains, busses, to shopping centres, even hospitals. Only into the foodmarket Gaby can’t take the dog.

      I make many ‘boo-boos’ with the camera. But since digital cameras are fairly easy to handle even I sometimes get quite satisfactory pictures out of it.

      I am sure your daffodils and jonquils are going to look terrific. Peter and I are very haphazard gardeners. The more we do enjoy it when the odd lovely flower turns up here and there unexpectedly.

      When I first started blogging in July last year I did it to establish a record of my childhood for future generations of mine. As I went along I thought it might be interesting to have a bit of a diary as well.

      At first I didn’t have a clue how to insert pictures. With a lot of Peter’s help I am now starting to get more confident doing this. Sometimes it’s still trial and error.

      Thanks for visiting my blog, Gerard. Wishing you a lovely Sunday!

      ‘Aunty’ Uta

  3. You tell such an interesting story, and make a life unknown to me until now come alive both through the telling and through your pictures. Thank you.

    1. Thank you very much for the comment, Elisabeth. I wanted to make a comment to your Sunday blog about edible plants and possibly some other blogs too. I haven’t found a way yet how to do it. Come and have a look at all the things that grow in our backyard!

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