Fear, Anxiety and Worry

Feeling free of fear, anxiety and worry: I think this makes for a happy person.

You can still feel lonely at times. But there’s nothing to fear or being anxious about or to worry about. If something bad happens, something good is going to follow. (Eventually!) It has to be like this. For there is change all the time. If there wouldn’t be any change, the universe would be very boring!

APOPTOSIS is a normal cell death. It is programmed and happens continuously. (So we have a totally different body today from the one we had two years ago!)

CANCER on the other hand is an abnormal cell division. It is uncontrolled. A neoplastic cell is a cell that is part of a tumour.

I read about this in DEEPAK CHOPRA’S book ‘POWER; FREEDOM and GRACE’. According to DEEPAK, cancer cells ‘have lost the memory of death; they don’t know how to die, and in their quest for immortality, they kill the host body upon which they are dependent for their life.’

‘Death, therefore, is the ticket to life, and death is happening right now in our body-mind. . . . .’ I find this is a very interesting concept. So why are we afraid of change, when in reality change is happening all the time? Indeed, I ask myself, why are so many people forever afraid of change?

Well, what DEEPAK CHOPRA wrote, made me think. I felt I wanted to write about it in a blog, that maybe some bloggers would have an opinion on it and comment on it. I’d love to read your comment!

14 thoughts on “A CONTEMPLATION

  1. Hello Aunty Uta! Pretty profound and deep thoughts! People who are afraid of change are afraid of the unknown. They don’t like uncertainty. They put too many conditions to be happy. “I will only be happy if…I’m rich, or I have lots of great clothes or I’m famous, etc.” They are too focused n the status, the luxury, the reward, they lose sight of the journey to the endpoint. It’s all about the journey, isn’t it? Along the way, we encounter many challenges and getting through these give us joy, a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction. We also meet interesting people along the way. These in and of itself are rewards already. These enrich our minds and our spirit sings each time. We then see life as an adventure not so much something we have to control and make predictable. It does not mean that our lives have to be a free for all. There needs to be some structure and if we are to live with others, there are some societal norms to abide by, of course.

    1. Hi Mary-Ann,
      Thank you so much for commenting. Your comments are very profound. They mean a lot to me. I was a bit reluctant to publish this post. Now I’m glad I did. Your response really made my day. TY.

  2. This is very thought-provoking. If we know that change is inevitable, then we should be able to accept it and take the good and the bad. Another thought comes to mind: If we don’t accept change, then when things around us change, we are little more than dead. That is to say, I guess, that we aren’t really living–we’re just lumps taking up space. Sometimes we don’t understand how important it is to change with the tides around us.

    I’m back from vacation. Hope you’ve been well while I’ve been gone.

    1. Welcome back from Peru, Pat. Looking forward to your blogs about it!
      I like this expression ‘lumps taking up space’. You are right, it’s important that we accept change. Life is beautiful, isn’t it? Thank you very much for commenting.
      Overall I’ve been well recently, I’ve been able to go to the pool last week for some gentle swimming. So enjoyable! Loved it. We have very changeable wintry weather right now, just a bit too cold for my liking. But this will pass. When there’s sunshine during the day I like to sit in the sun for a while.
      I hope you are well after your exciting trip. I am sure you’ll have much to blog about.

  3. You made me think and reflect today. Thank you. “Feeling free of fear, anxiety and worry: I think this makes for a happy person.” I do believe it is. No matter how tough life is, we need to try to think positive, to find a smile even where things are difficult. Great post my friend. Have a blessed day.

  4. Very very interesting – cancer cells have lost their memory of death.

    For a start, I didn’t know we have a different body to that which we had two years ago. That speaks for keeping your health a lot.

    I’ve heard of Deepak Chopra but haven’t read anything of his. I know he’s a good read though, from what I’ve heard.

    Great post, Aunty Uta!

    1. Deepak Chopra is definitely a good read, Noeleen. I hope you’ll be able to catch up with some of his books.
      Thank you so much for commenting, dear Noeleen. Here’s to good health!

    1. Thank you, Viveka, for coming over to my blog. Somehow I seem to have difficulties reaching your blogs. Today I found you via a comment you made for Noeleen’s blog. Your ‘About’ page I found most interesting. It reminds me that I still didn’t do anything about updating my ‘About’ page. I always seem to get distracted with something or other.

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