July 2012, Diary

Peter and I just had breakfast. I had made scrambled eggs with salt and some parsley.

I added to my eggs extra spices: Curry powder, ground nutmeg, Hungarian sweet paprika and chives.

We’re awaiting our daughter Monika’s call. She offered to go with us to Gaby’s house. We have to work out which day she can make it. She might have to take a day off work again. David is still in the house but feeling very depressed. His life is very disrupted now. What can anyone do for him?

There are still some things in Gaby’s house that our daughters Monika and Caroline would like to have. The hundreds of Gaby’s photos are at our house at present and need to be sorted out at some stage. We promised Dave he could have some of the photos.

5 thoughts on “July 2012, Diary

  1. Thank you so much, dear Island Traveler. We gave Dave already some of the promised pictures. We’re so worried about him. There are going to be quite a few changes to his life. Will he be able to face up to it? Who can give him the help he needs? There’s one friend who’s known him for a long time and does whatever he can do for him. But he can’t stay with him 24/7. He has certain family responsibilities. The problem is that David seems to reject any help from doctors, social workers, his siblings etc. even though he badly needs it. But he insists he can look after himself, pay the bills etc.
    David used to be one of Gaby’s carers. Because of ill health he hadn’t been able to do anything for Gaby for quite some time. It’s very sad. He had been a carer for Gaby for many years.

    1. After having been able to catch a little bit more sleep and doing a bit of praying for David I feel much better now. David is such a good person. Sure someone’s going to look after him. I got to believe this . . . .

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