Baby Lucas is here

Lucas, born in the early hours of Wednesday, 18th July 2012.

This is Lucas, one week old
The parents of Lucas on the day of his birth in Wollongong Hospital
Great Grandma Uta with Lucas
Great Grandparents, Uta and Peter with Baby Lucas
Three aunts of Lucas stayed with him for hours in the hospital room.
Ebony, the Mum, likes the attention her baby son is getting
Happy faces all around
Great-Aunt Caroline with the baby
Grandma Monika and the three Aunties had been staying already for about an hour with the proud parents and the Baby when Caroline, Peter and I arrived. They stayed for another hour or so after we left!
A week later we saw Ebony at her home. Caroline holds Lucas with Ebony looking on.
Caroline took this picture

22 thoughts on “Baby Lucas is here

  1. Oh, Aunty Uta, this looks so gorgeous. All those pictures, family, happiness. I came home to a bedsitter with one hungry cat waiting for me – that’s all! And a babe in my arms! Never had held a baby before in my life!!

    So what I mean to say is, this is how it should be, & to see it this way brings a smile to me, a warmth, and you know, when Daniel has offspring that continues our family name, well, I am going to be there. I am going to be a grandmother just like you. And I’m going to be a wonderful one. My heart is big enough to span two lifetimes, I know that much…

    1. Oh, Noeleen, I so like your comment. I so much wish for you to become a very happy grandmother some time in the future. You’re still at an age where you can look forward to many productive and fulfilling years in your life. Be grateful that you’ve been given so many great talents. Don’t feel too sorry for yourself. Because with the love and the strength that’s in you, you can overcome anything! I too had been fascinated by Virginia Woolf at some stage. But I can’t comment very much on it at present. Anyhow, it’s beaut to see you back in writing. Much love from ‘Aunty’ Uta

      1. Thanks ‘Aunty’ Uta 🙂
        To be honest, I have GENUINELY always wondered who it was that was afraid of Virginia Woolf. I guess I should just go & read the play!!

        Yes I have the years in me, & no I don’t feel sorry for myself. When I tell what I’m telling, I’m telling it HOW IT WAS. How I am now, that is different. Daniel & me are well, thank you. 🙂

  2. Yes, of course, I’m with you, you’re writing how it was. And the good thing is, even when in the past things were really bad, you never gave up, not really. I was impressed when you started reading the Bible to get our of major difficulties. In your biographical writing may perhaps be found something that’s pointing towards your search for something spiritual?
    Anyhow, it’s good to know you and Daniel, you’re both well. Have a beaut weekend!

  3. Baby Lucas was just what we needed after our sudden bereavement only a few days earlier. He was proof that life goes on. The emotional balance was restored in the family. Was it fate, was it God’s compassion or was it the reincarnation the Buddhist are talking about?

  4. Was sind das für schöne Fotos wenn sie so klein sind da sind sie so niedlich ich habe zwei Enkelkinder sind aber schon was älter,ja die Zeit geht so schnell vorbei.Wünsche noch eine glückliche Woche lieber Gruss Gislinde.

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