Kaufhaus des Westens

We went to the KaDeWe today.

We bought a very long, crusty loaf called ‘bark-bread’

Lovely treats with our coffee
Peter checks his phone
Amongst a lot of sweets and chocolates we found this


This creation of the Brandenburg Gate is made out of

marzipan, 50 kilogram of marzipan were used for it.

It took 150 working hours to design it!


50 kilo marzipan were used for this. It took 150 working hours to design it!

6 thoughts on “Kaufhaus des Westens

  1. Oh, it was very interesting to spend the afternoon in the KaDeW. I loved the strawberries with fresh cream! I took heaps of pictures on floors 7 and 6.In the end I was quite exhausted. So many different things on offer. Really quite mind boggling.
    Some items looked so beautiful we would have loved to buy then, only the price-tags were a bit up-market. To just take pictures was the better choice for us! Some of the breads were rather affordable. There was a huge variety of breads on offer. We also looked at lots of cakes, sweets, small-goods etc., etc.
    Thanks for visiting!

    1. All the desserts and cakes on offer are very tempting. How can I resist? I hope I’ll still fit into my clothes when I get back to Australia. Thanks, IT, for your comment.

  2. There’s great danger of over-eating, Noeleen, since there’s such a huge variety of bread on offer as well as heaps of different things to put on your bread. Irresistible!

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