One Week after Landing

Waking at the crack of dawn we decided it would be a good morning to see the sun rise over the lake. I straight away felt in a holiday mood. It was exactly one week after we had landed back in Australia. The week had been hectic at times. So here comes a lovely holiday morning. And lovely it turned out to be as you can see from the pictures.

This is where we parked our car.

Eventually some more of this was facing us at home. But first we had some fresh bread-rolls and coffee.

6 thoughts on “One Week after Landing

  1. There is something ultra-special about witnessing a sunrise….unless one is a habitual early riser, one must make extra effort too see it. It’s nice to see you and Peter so enthusiastic about things like this 🙂 Owls like me only get to see sunsets!
    Lovely pics Aunty Uta.

    1. Thanks, Munira. Seeing the sunrise was indeed beautiful. Since we’ve been back in Australia both Peter and I had very broken sleep,. usually waking up extremely early. Having had some major upsets the last few days doesn’t help.. . .

  2. You have me with “Sunrise over the lake.” Then you added rolls with coffee which makes it my dream trip. The simple things in life are what makes us happy the most. Wonderful post. Have great weekend my friend.

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