Rote Grütze


Rote Grütze, Vanille Sauce, Australian Wine
Rote Grütze, Vanille Sauce, Australian Wine

This was such a lovely desert!

8 thoughts on “Rote Grütze

    1. Hi, Mary-Ann!
      Would you like to know how I cooked this desert myself for years and years? I let some red fruit juice (for instance grape juice) come to the boil and thickened it with tapioca, which of course takes quite some time to cook. I didn’t always have suitable fruit to add to it. But even without any fruit in it this makes a lovely desert. I poured the desert into glass dishes and let it cool down, then served it with some rich vanilla custard and (or) fresh cream. My children and grandchildren always loved this desert!
      In Berlin this kind of desert is so popular that you can buy it in any shop or restaurant where deserts are sold. I got delicious rote Grütze in a local supermarket just around the corner from where we stayed in Berlin. The lovely ‘decadent’ thing about it was that it was brimful with very delicious fruit, namely cherries and wonderful berries. Since we had only a tiny kitchen in our studio apartment I tried to keep any cooking to a minimum. Ready made dishes like the Rote Grütze were very welcome indeed.

    1. The wine got into the picture accidentally, really. At this particular supermarket, where we bought all the other stuff, they sell a lot of different German wines but also wine from various other countries. We noticed this wine from Australia that we are familiar with and bought it. We were proud that we were able to buy Australian wine at this supermarket in Berlin. Maybe this is why we showed it in the picture.

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