Hottest December Day

Just heard the news: Today is going to be the hottest December day in seven years!

So far I love this warm weather. We’ve just been out in our ‘jungle’ garden. At present some sections of our backyard look a bit more tamed. We discarded the overgrowth in some of the sections and planted a few new things. Because of the rather warm temperatures we are careful to give the new plants sufficient water. They seem to love it and reward us by looking very healthy.

This morning I took a number of photos of our plant-life. I hope Peter is going to be able to publish some of the pictures. (I still haven’t worked out how I can go back to publishing pictures in my posts.)

Last night it was a very balmy night. It was the reconciliation night at our church in preparation for Christmas. About half a dozen priests were present for this event. Peter drove me there so I didn’t feel too hot when I arrived. It was a moving ceremony. Everything in the church looked very festive. I took pictures with my eyes. My eyes bathed in the splendor of the displays. (I didn’t have a camera with me.)

The outside areas of the church were pleasantly lighted. A number of lovely wooden seats invited people to sit outside. I rested on one of the seats, enjoying a light cool breeze. In the church it got more and more sticky while the hearing of confessions went on. Each priest had been placed in a different section for the hearing of confessions. Most people took only about a couple of minutes to get their absolution via the priest. Catholics are good in believing that sins can be forgiven. I am a good Catholic too in this regard!

This afternoon we are off to Figtree again. Peter has another eye examination scheduled. And then tomorrow is the big day: Our excursion to the highlands!

13 thoughts on “Hottest December Day

  1. A relaxing blog Auntyuta, hope you can resolve your posting pictures problem before Christmas, it would be a shame not to have some great memories.

    1. Hi, dear Emu!

      Thanks for the comment. Peter and I have just come back from our trip to the Highlands. We had a very good day taking heaps of pictures with both our cameras. I think together we made it to nearly 150 pics! Peter is wondering how with taking this many pics we found time to eat! It was a memorable outing for sure. Peter is going to make sure in future I store my pics somewhere where they can’t get lost.

      That I can’t post pics at the moment, this is another problem. It has to do with the quota WordPress allows me to publish. Maybe I’ll just have to pay a bit for a higher quota. I still don’t know how to do this. But Peter’s going to help me with it. In the meantime I can perhaps reblog some more pictures the way I reblogged some pics the other day which were from December last year. And I also referred to Peter’s blog who from time to time publishes a few of our pics.

      I can still access all the pics that Peter has stored in his computer. But most of the lost pics from my computer, Peter hasn’t got in his computer. The ones which I published already aren’t lost though, right? Still, there are quite a few pics in Peter’s computer which I can use. Sure, it’s a pity I lost so many of the pics from my computer. Now I just have to get over it. Hopefully the same thing won’t happen again!

      So, not to worry, we still have some pretty good memories.
      Thanks for caring, dear Emu.

      Love, Uta.

  2. Hi Uta enjoyed your post and happy to hear you enjoyed your visit to the Church. I bet it looked great.
    Enjoy your wonderful trip to the Highlands .
    Merry Christmas to you and your family.
    Best Wishes

    1. The hot days are somehow special because there usually aren’t that many in the area where we live. I like to really relax when it gets very hot. Take cold showers, put the fans on (we do not have air-conditioning).

      I usually don’t like any air-conditioning, especially when it is set on too cold. But on very hot days I happen to enjoy a bit of air-conditioning on public transport or in shopping centers.

      What do you do on very hot days, Noeleen?

      By the way, The 20th December this year didn’t get all that hot in our
      area. The forecast was perhaps meant more for the Sydney area. It was hot, yes, but not extremely hot. The following day, when we went up to the highlands, it had cooled down remarkably. It was quite a cool day in the highlands too for this time of the year. Maybe just as well. We saw beautiful Christmas displays up in Bowral. Took lots of pictures and had overall a very pleasant day.

      Peter’s eye examination went all right too. He doesn’t need to see the specialist again for another four months. There’s always the threat that he needs an operation. And he doesn’t like to think about this!

  3. Christmas is about preparing ourselves for the birth of our Jesus which reminds me to confess myself. Wishing you and your family all the love, joy, good health this Christmas and everyday.

  4. Hallo liebe auntyuta ich grüsse dich ganz lieb,bin seit gestern wieder aus dem Krankenhaus,es war eine Thrombose aber es geht schon wieder,muss nur spritzen.Ich wünsche dir von ganzen Herzen einen schönen 4 Advent und ein glückliches schönes Weinnachtsfest,und alles liebe von mir und Gesundheit ist das wichtigste Gruss.Gislinde

    1. Ja, liebe Gislinde, Gesunheit ist das wichtigste. Es ist gut, dass du jetzt wieder zu Hause bist. Ich wĂĽnsche dir recht Frohe Weihnachten!
      Liebe GrĂĽsse aus Austalien von Uta.

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