Let’s talk

Here is an article that I think would interest many of my blogger friends.
I would like to find out what your opinions are about this subject!


3 thoughts on “Let’s talk

  1. “Adultery grabs headlines, but there are lesser, though no less powerful, ways to betray a partner, including not talking to him or her enough, seeming distracted, being ill-tempered or simply failing to evolve and enchant.”

    This is just one quote out of Alain de Botton’s book that is being discussed in the above mentioned lifestyle article. So far people made 158 comments to it! I just browsed through the comments. I think it’s actually not fair to judge what de Botton wrote when you haven’t read the book. But it seems to me there’s a lot of truth in what he says in the above quote. Well, there are probably as many different marriages as there are different people. Some similarities though you may find in a lot of marriages. To my mind it is not just sex or communication or the children that glues a marriage together but plain and simple LOVE! And love can show in many different ways.

    Would anyone like to comment on this?

  2. YES, it is plain & simple love, which keeps people together. You need to love someone, I feel, to be able to live with them day in & out. If you don’t love them, you don’t honour them and some are not loyal.

    It’s an excellent article, Aunty Uta. It says a lot which is worthwhile, & you brought up an ideal quote. I absolutely agree it’s not just ‘not fair’, but it’s RIDICULOUS to fudge someone based on their book, whose book you haven’t read!

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