Around 15th September 2012


A modern street-car and lots and lots of bikes!

We had arrived in Berlin on Sunday, the 9th of September. After we had a couple of rather dark unpleasant days  a  bit of a cold started to hang around me. Luckily towards the end of the week the weather had improved. The skies cleared and there was plenty of sunshine! So we went on quite a few outings to explore the city or take some rest in the close- by Tiergarten park area.

It amazed us how many bikes there were to be seen all over the place. Still there were many, many cars as well.  The way some of the bike-riders went through the heavy traffic, often looked pretty scary to us. A lot of buses were often part of the street-scene as well. There seemed to be quite a bit of traffic too on the different water ways. And street repairs and new buildings going up where-ever we went in the midst of the city. Our first impression was, this is a buzzing city where always something was going on. But then there were the quiet areas in the parks in the midst of the city where the city seemed to be far away.

We later found out that Berlin has in just about every district a lot of park area. Only 60% of the available place is built upon, the rest is landscaped in some way. We believe this report because wherever we went to during our stay in Berlin there always seemed to be some beautiful looked after park for people to enjoy.  We also noticed a lot of memorials and sculptures. Of course we took quite a few pictures of a lot of them.  Since most of my pictures did get lost in cyberspace, I am now using for my posts mainly the pictures that Peter took.



4 thoughts on “Around 15th September 2012

  1. Interesting commentary Auntyuta, I like the idea of plenty of parks for relaxation and the canal looks great, wasn;t aware there were canals in Berlin.

    1. There are three rivers and many canals in Berlin. These waterways connect Berlin with the rest of Europe and river barges supplying Berlin with coal for instance.

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