A Family comes to visit


We soon found out that there was a great baker’s shop in the neighbourhood. Peter usually went down there early in the morning to get fresh bread rolls for breakfast plus a piece or maybe two pieces of cake! There was always a great selection of different cakes to choose from.


One Morning Peter bought this selection of different breads.
One Morning Peter bought this selection of different breads.

On Saturday (15th September 2012) Peter went down to get extra cakes for the guests we were expecting for afternoon coffee that day. When they pressed the bell Peter asked them to wait downstairs; he was to go down to guide them to the lift and show them the way to our apartment! I waited upstairs at the lift. Out came my nieces lovely family. There she was, my beautiful niece Corinna with Walter and son Carlos Emilio. Carlos had grown so much since I had seen him more than two years ago.

Even though I still suffered a bit from this nasty cold, we had a lovely afternoon together.

4 thoughts on “A Family comes to visit

    1. Yes, Ian, it was great to have the family visit us. Walter owns a small restaurant and served us lovely food the following weekend, when Klaudia drove us to their place in her car.
      I am still recalling things from the first week of our trip. And there are nine more weeks to come!
      Yesterday I was glued to the TV while uploading pictures. Awful these floods and still bushfires in other parts of Australia!
      We have quite a bit of rain coming down too at the moment but not as bad as further up north.

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