Out and about in Melbourne

Famous sculpture at the Yarra River in Melbourne.


Peter, granddaughter Lauren and I had been waiting at Flinders Street Station for granddaughter Justine who was going to meet us there after work. It was a happy meeting after not having seen each other for sooo long!


Uta and granddaughters at the Yarra River
Uta and granddaughters at the Yarra River


Dinner at Il PRIMO POSTO, Italian Restaurant
Dinner at Il PRIMO POSTO, Italian Restaurant




After dinner we strolled to a Gelato shop that was still open. We each had a little tub of this delicious gelato and sat down at a large table with a terrific view of the Yarra.








This was a lovely night out with the granddaughters. Justine caught the train back home from Flinders Street Station. Peter and I went with Lauren by train back to Essendon where our son Martin was waiting with the car to take us home.

12 thoughts on “Out and about in Melbourne

  1. See you both are still out and around partying and enjoying life, Melbourne has changed in many ways since I was last there, can,t remember the location of your first Pic Auntyuta,still reckon Melbourne has more character than Sydney.

    1. The Italian restaurant, where we had dinner, is called IL PRIMO POSTO and is situated at Riverside Quay, Southbank. The said sculpture is also at Riverside Quay not far away from that restaurant.
      On the upper level in the building right next to the sculpture is the Gelato Shop.
      In Sydney I like the Harbour and the Rocks Area and the Opera House Area, also Manly .and some of the Northern suburbs. And I quite enjoy visiting Darling Harbour. And I think Katoomba in the Blue Mountains is always worth a visit. We definitely couldn’t live in the city of Sydney for the land value has gone through the roof.
      Melbourne seems to have more old buildings than Sydney. I like all the old well kept buildings.
      Thanks, Ian, for commenting.
      Cheers, Aunty Uta.

    1. Hi, Robert:

      The statue is “Ophelia” by Melbourne artist Deborah Halpern. It is Picasso inspired. You can find a blog about it’s removal


      but as you saw in my blog it has returned.

  2. That is one happy family reunion at Yarra River. I could feel the joy and excitement that you and your family had just looking at these wonderful pictures. It is a beautiful place. So vibrant and the food, just delicious. God bless you and your family.

    1. Thanks for commenting, IT. We loved the place. Meeting our granddaughter Justine was great! We could see her only this once. Lauren, the younger one, who had come from Newcastle, NSW, where the kids were still on school holidays, stayed with us in Melbourne for the whole week. Both girls are Martin’s daughter, but they are half-sisters. They love each other and are always very happy when they can see each other.

  3. Wonderful, Aunty Uta 🙂 I love the last photo especially.

    I’ve never even seen that sculpture, by the way – crazy!

    1. The “Ophelia” statue is Picasso inspired! S. my reply to Robert Weiss. He asked who did this wild sculpture and what is it supposed to represent.
      I like the last photo too. I think I took it at Flinders St Station while we were waiting for Justine.

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