Back to Cooler Temperatures

This week turned out to be much cooler after the very hot spell of weather we had during the previous week, The cooler weather gave the firefighters a chance to get on top of the fires that had been out of control in very strong, hot wind.  Sadly quite a few houses were lost. We are told we still have to be vigilant for conditions can change quickly.

Peter and I went for a little walk early this morning. Today I remembered to take the camera along. I took pictures of the reserve behind our house. The Junior Soccer Club has quite a few soccer fields on this reserve. There is also a playground close by. When we moved here to this area nineteen years ago, some of our grandchildren were still little. We would sometimes walk with them to this playground. I think it still looks pretty much the way it looked nineteen years ago.


















Holding onto this post I like to do a bit of stretching.
Holding onto this post I like to do a bit of stretching.
Peter loves to wear these shoes
Peter loves to wear these shoes

8 thoughts on “Back to Cooler Temperatures

    1. Hi Robert, the hot weather did not last for very long.the other week. I wonder whether we’re going to have a very hot summer. Last January we had one day when the temperature here reached 46 Celsius!

      Lucas,, our great grandson, is now 15 months. He might like this little playground. But there are other much larger playgrounds not very far away. But then at this stage he is maybe not the right size yet for an adventure playground! 🙂

    1. It’s a great relief, Elizabeth, that the cooler weather helps in controlling all the fires. I think we have now quite ‘normal’ temperatures for this time of the year.

    1. Peter can never resist to have a go on the swing, that’s true. He finds it so relaxing! I deleted the boobs picture. I felt so guilty that I had encouraged Peter to show off like that. Funny, Ian, that you did remember it, for I am sure I had taken it out already? 🙂
      Cheers, Auntyuta

    1. Well, here in Australia we are right into spring time now. That we recently had a heat wave was pretty unusual for that early in spring. At the moment temperatures feel ‘normal’ again for this time of the year. But our summer is approaching soon, most likely with very high temperatures.
      Last January we had one day with 46 C, I think this is about 112 F.
      (We live near the coast a bit south of Sydney.)

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