Another Look back to Meck/Pom

Berlin is surrounded by the land of Brandenburg. In 2010 we travelled from Berlin through Brandenburg in a northerly direction. Where Brandenburg ends Mecklenburg-Vorpommern starts. The ‘border’ was marked by some signs near the road. We took some pictures of these signs.

Rheinsberg-Kleinzerlang is in Brandenburg. In 2010 we took a picture of its marina.
There is also a postcard picture of the Baltic Sea Resort (Ostsee Bad) Warnemünde. The other picture of Warnemünde is one that we took. .

The picture of the lake is my favourite. This lake is just a few steps away from where my brother Peter lives in Neu Canow with his wife Astrid. We stayed with them for one week in June 2010..

Last year in November 2012 we had once more a very good time  in Neu Canow, Mecklenburg/Vorpommern. Peter and Astrid showed us every day another beautiful place in this beautiful land of Meck/Pom. Parts of it always remind us a bit of Australia, some of the country-side that is. Meck/Pom is sparsely populated and has a lot of waterways and forests. It stretches right to the Baltic Sea. If you want a very relaxing, peaceful holiday in beautiful natural surroundings, you should go there. Lots of old castles can be visited. Here are some examples:





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