Tuesday Outing


Yesterday Peter and I went with Caroline and Matthew for an outing to the ocean. It was a warm sunny day after many days of rain. The coastal bush landscape was still rather wet. Nonetheless we ventured for a walk along a path that was in some places rather muddy.

Early yesterday morning I received a phone-call from the hospital. I was asked, would I like to come in for my medical procedure on Wednesday, 20th November, which actually  had been  the original date I had been given and which had been postponed to the 4th of December. Now I had all of a sudden the chance to have my original date back and have everything  behind me somewhat earlier.  I gratefully accepted the renewed change in dates.

They want me to be at the hospital by 12,30. I was told that today I had to fast from 6 am on. This is why I made sure I was up early. I had already my cup of tea with honey and I ate a banana. I did not feel like eating any toast as had been suggested. I hope they don’t mind I ate a banana instead. I also had my two painkilling tablets. I was allowed to have them before 6 am. Now I have plenty of time to get ready for the drive to the hospital.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Outing

    1. Hi Emu,
      yes all is as well as can be and the weather is fine right now. Peter is recovering from having had to look after me for the past two weeks. I think he felt somewhat stressed at times when I kept asking him to do too many things. 🙂
      I noticed it is quite hot again in Mildura? Hope you and Ana are all right.

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