A Bedtime Story for Boys and Girls

I liked this story so much that I reblog it. I hope my great-grandchildren can read it one day.

8 thoughts on “A Bedtime Story for Boys and Girls

    1. Yes, me too,, Noeleen. My OP went well, Still recovering now. Have some issues with high blood pressure. This worries my doctor no end! I think with the burglary last week and Peter having to look after me, this was just too much stress. But daughter Caroline and her partner Matthew did their utmost to help us as much as possible. It was a blessing they were with us on the day the burglary happened, while the four of us were out on a 90 minute wonderful lunch. The break-in into our home and stealing odd numbers of items which had to be reported really disrupted our lives apart from my being incapacitated and having to rest my right hand all the time!

      1. Absolutely the burglary would have topped it off. I am glad too they were with you, Aunty Uta. It’s just a horrible invasion – and then yes, all that time reporting.

        Sincere best.

  1. Was great that you had the support of Caroline and Mathew Auntyuta, I have never been burgled but can only guess the sickening feeling in your stomach.
    Keep smiling, karma will follow the culprits.

    1. The burglary was indeed a very stressful event for us, Emu. I think it could have been even worse. We are coping all right now. 🙂
      This afternoon I am going to be at Bulli Beach. Looking forward to this!
      Regards to you and Ana.

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