Shellharbour Swimming Pool, September 2013

RIMG0458About three months ago we stopped at this beautiful swimming pool. There are conveniences  close by that  have beautifully decorated outside walls


We always love to buy an ice-cream wafer in the shop opposite the pool area.


When we stopped there last Sunday with Sylvia,  Peter took a photo of me after I had finished my chocolate ice-cream. On closer inspection of that photo I noticed  that some chocolate stains are visible on my fingers. I remember I went to the washrooms near the pool soon after the photo was taken! It was a rather warm, sunny day even though it was very windy. The ice-cream melted faster than I could lick it!

There is something else I noticed in this photo. First of all it shows that I can curl my fingers now into a kind of fist which I could not do before the carpal tunnel release operation. And I think it also shows the left over scar on my hand a little bit. Now,  that Peter photographed my hand like this is of course totally coincidental.


2 thoughts on “Shellharbour Swimming Pool, September 2013

    1. It’s really great, Ian, that I can use the right hand so much more now. A lot of things are not done very well when you can use only the left hand for some of the daily tasks! It was getting quite frustrating at times. What a relief to be able to use both hands again!

      Peter is due for an eye operation on the 21st of this month. I hope this is going to go well for him. We love the pleasant summer temperatures we experience here right now. But maybe we are in for some really hot weather soon? Hope it won’t be too bad. And hope the same for you.

      Best wishes for you and Ana. Greetings from
      Auntyuta and Peter 🙂

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