Well, It’s About Time, Mr. Obama!

I hope a lot of people are going to read this.


I’ve been following the news ever since Edward Snowden, former NSA contractor, dropped NSA Leaks, as they call it now, on our collective consciousness.  There followed the back and forth salvos between the civil rights and privacy advocates and the equally indignant US Intelligence community who staunchly wave their patriotic flag to every Jane and Joe.

If there is one thing that has planted an unsightly scarlet letter on the Obama Administration, it’s this whole affair.  Yes, we know it started even before this administration. Yes, it was in response to a horrific event in September 2001.  A lot of things have happened since then, all in the name of national security, protecting the American public, its land and its waters, and therefore, this is all in the efforts to preserve the freedom of every American. The so-called, “American way of life.”  Well, we have been made privy to…

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