A Bushfire-Report published by the ABC

I just discovered this report on the ABC’s news page. Hopefully we won’t have any extremely high temperatures for a while.


   . . . . .  Today is forecast to be the first day in a week where some part of Victoria will not reach 40 degrees Celsius and the Bureau of Meteorology predicts the mercury will not get up to 40 again for at least the next seven days.

However, Commissioner Lapsley says that does not mean Victoria has seen the end of dangerous fire conditions this summer.

“This is the start or the changing point in this summer,” he said.

“We don’t see any rain, we don’t see the break in the weather and we certainly see warm conditions for the month of February.”

Lightning strikes flare NSW bushfire concerns

Fire crews in New South Wales are battling a number of fires, including a big blaze in the Riverina in the state’s south.

The blaze is burning uncontrolled in Murraguldrie State Forest area, south-east of Wagga Wagga.

It has burnt more than 2,500 hectares and overnight residents in Carabost were evacuated when erratic winds pushed the fire towards about 30 homes and at least one home was lost.

Fire burns around Minjary in NSW
PHOTO: A bushfire burns around the NSW town of Minjary, near Wagga Wagga. (Facebook: NSW RFS)
The Rural Fire Service (RFS) spokesman Joel Kursawe says there are a number of reports of properties being damaged in the fire.

“We do have unconfirmed reports of a number of properties that have been damaged or destroyed right across the fire grounds. It is too early to tell,” he said.

Lightning strikes overnight have ignited around 50 new fires in the Riverina and in the central west at Orange and Bathurst.

RFS deputy commissioner Rob Rogers says he is alarmed by the number of fires which are breaking out.

“Obviously we’re concerned about new fires again that would have come from lightning. The number of fires that we’re trying to deal with is just going up alarmingly,” he said.





6 thoughts on “A Bushfire-Report published by the ABC

  1. Going to work, I often miss the news so this was good to read, Aunty Uta. I think it’s over, this heat wave, but the bush fires… I just can’t imagine losing my home & everything in it. For a START that would be the novel I’m working on, all the journals, photos, court papers, everything…

    1. All your working papers and your computer have to go with you, Noeleen, as you leave your place in an emergency. Hopefully this is never going to be necessary. However, if the fires get critically and close, it is better to be prepared.

  2. It must be so terrible to lose everything to fire. Unfortunately, a fire doesn’t care if the fuel for it comes in the form of trees or houses. I would never live surrounded by large trees close by the house, especially not eucalypts. Even then, sometimes fires are so severe it creates its own climate and destroys everything as shown with those fires in Canberra some years back.

    1. Ah, what a relief the change in weather must be for our fire-crews! It’s in the low twenties and raining quite a bit!

      Gerard, I am afraid the trees near our place just keep growing. There’s really nothing we can do about this, is there? In Germany people say: “Bäume wachsen nicht in den Himmel”. I am not so sure this applies to Australian trees, for whenever I think, they can’t grow any further, they still do not seem to stop growing. Once we had two trees removed from our backyard, which cost us hundreds of Dollars. There were a few very small trees left. The guy assured us, that they would not be any trouble. Well, look at them now! 🙂

  3. So far, dear Inigo, we have not been in any danger here in the Wollongong area south of Sydney. Actually we do enjoy some beautiful summer days here at the moment. Unfortunately some poor people lost their homes in the fires. And all our firefighters are terribly exhausted after fighting fires for weeks on end. However, Australia is a vast country. There were and still are many, many fires in three states of our country. Luckily there were no fire-outbreaks where we live.
    Thank you for all your visits to my site, dear Inigo! 🙂

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