Another Reblog that I like

If you are interested in well written conversations and in theatre,  please go to the above link! I reckon the story you find there  is a real treat! It was published one year ago. I only found it today and could not resist trying to reblog it.


Dr Maria Simms is a published novelist and short story writer who has worked as an academic for many years. Her crime novel, The Dead House, won the New Holland Genre Fiction Award. Maria has been a general editor; lecturer in creative and academic writing; head of a large university academic study centre; and director of university continuing education programs. In an earlier incarnation she worked in theatre and graphic design. Her interests include creative and academic writing, textual and cultural theory and Australian history with an emphasis on the place of women in the narrative of Australia. She loves a good yarn and hearing about the lives of people she meets.

Maria is the managing director of WordCraft Consulting, a company specialising in academic, business and creative writing. She can be contacted at:

One thought on “Another Reblog that I like

  1. Sorry, the above link did not work. However in my next post I managed to reblog this story by Maria Simms that I like so much. Please go there to read it!

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