The following is the headline and the opening paragraph as reported by the Guardian:

Australia’s sick and proud message to the world: refugees are going to suffer

You might think that, now that desperate asylum seekers have been shot dead and severely injured in an Australian-run camp, we cannot possibly sink any lower. That’s unfortunately not true.

10 thoughts on “THIS IS WHAT THE GUARDIAN REPORTS, 2014/feb/18

  1. i personally think that we should start think of a world for every living being, for our own betterment, but, the local governments should take care of their own people too, alongwith the refugees.

    I dont know about your country, but in mine the politicians are behind all clashes between refugees and locals- they try to cash up the refugees for votes and as a result the locals get miffed. After all, who will love it if government forces you to give up your things, including property for free to refugees so they can get votes?

    dont even think that its an opinion, the state in which i live, its a reality- it has been done for decades in communist regime. they have destroyed the state for their votes!

    been there, seen that with my own eyes, because my ex-family owned huge amount of land property.

    1. ” . . . . a world for every living being . . . ”
      I would think, Sharmishtha, that every human being has a right to some living space on this earth.

  2. I find it very hard to believe that Australians can condone this kind of behaviour. Surely SOMEONE must be protesting at this treatment? It seems to be reported in your papers and on your TV channels as well as on ours, so why is everyone tolerating it?

    1. The ‘protest’ has left long ago. The last time that happened in Australia was during the Vietnam war. Since then, no more protests.
      We now passively and unquestioningly accept the status quo.
      The power of the media has achieved that.

  3. Peter pointed out to me that people maybe do not understand who wrote the above HEADLINE .

    I want to make it clear that the HEADLINE and the opening paragraph was written by the Guardian, not by me. I just copied it because this newest incident is right now being discussed widely here in Australia and I would think this news is spreading to other countries as well.

    Here is one of the many comments:

    “ContraGnome commented on Australia’s sick and proud message to the world: refugees are going to suffer.18 Feb 2014 5:18am 76
    Australia gets less than 5% of asylum seekers worldwide.

    And makes up 0.3% of its population. Australians have a legitimate concern that the Australian way of life will be lost with mass immigration. Address this fear (is it a reasonable fear?) and describe why it is a win-win situation for asylum seekers and Australians, and the argument is won.

    Start…. now.”

  4. Holle liebe Ute wünsche dir einen schönen Tag oder Abend danke dir lieb für deine Kommentare,war heute im Krankenhaus leider keine gute Nachrichten,muss nächste Woche in Krankenhaus leider, die Diagnose war nicht gut aber ich hoffe das alles gut wird.Wolle dir alles liebe wünschen und hoffe du bleibst Gesund,Werde mich melden wenn ich alles überstanden hab.Grüße lieb und Freundschaft.Gislinde

    1. Ja, liebe Gislinde, lass uns hoffen, dass alles gut wird. Sicherlich wissen die Ärzte, was zu tun ist. So habe Vertrauen zu den Ärzten, dass sie das beste tun werden um dir zu einer besseren Gesunheit zu helfen.

      Ich habe z.Z. wieder ein paar altersbedingte Probleme. Ich denke nicht, dass es mit einer Krankheit zu tun. Bisher waren alle meine Tests immer gut ausgefallen. Ich hoffe, dass es dabei bleibt. Aber im Alter hat man halt so manche Zipperleins. Das lässt sich nicht ändern. Trozdem können alte Leute auch jeden Tag noch etwas schönes erleben.

      Ich freue mich immer über deine schönen Bilder. Du kannst auch immer wunderbar einfühlend über alles schreiben. Dein Krankenhausaufenthalt wird hoffetlich nicht allzu lange nötig sein. Aber so lange du noch Pflege brauchst, ist es gut, wenn sie dir gegeben wird damit du bald wieder vollauf gesund sein wirst.

      Also dann alles Gute und vielen Dank für all deine lieben Worte!
      Deine Uta.

    1. Thanks for the question, dear Elizabeth. I believe our present government wants to know us as little as possible. They think the less we know the better. But we do know now that these things happen. I get comfort in the knowledge that there are Australians who strongly dislike what is going on on Manus Island. What can any of us do? Well, luckily there is still something like free speech. We are still allowed to talk. When there is something we do not like we can voice our disagreement, can’t we?

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