Australia’s World Kidney Day

Australia’s World Kidney Day 2013

Protect your Kidneys, Save your Heart!

The presence of kidney dysfunction greatly increases the risk of cardiovascular disease – an important fact that is often overlooked! If you are at risk of kidney disease. See your doctor to discuss maintaining your heart health as well! Refer to our webpages: Your heart and CKD  * Diabetes and CKD.

Key Facts About Chronic Kidney Disease & Cardiovascular Disease

  • People at every stage of CKD are at more risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD), although those in the later stages have the highest risk.
  • CVD remains the leading cause of death for people on dialysis and those who have a transplanted kidney.
  • People with CKD have a 2 to 3-fold greater risk of cardiac death than individuals without CKD.
  • For people with CKD, the risk of dying from cardiovascular events is up to 20 times greater than requiring dialysis or transplantation.

Keith DS, Nichols GA, Gullion CM, Brown JB, Smith DH. Longitudinal follow-up and outcomes among a population with chronic kidney disease in a large managed care organization. Archives of Internal Medicine. 2004;164:659-663 

Foley RN, Parfrey PS, Sarnak MJ. Clinical epidemiology of cardiovascular disease in chronic renal disease. American Journal of Kidney Diseases. 1998;32:S112-S119.

  • Identifying CKD early and slowing progression to kidney failure is important in reducing your risk of CVD.

Weiner ME, Tighiouarr H, Amin M et al. Chronic kidney disease as a risk factor for cardiovascular disease and all-cause mortality: A pooled analysis of community-based studies. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology. 2004;15:1307-131

  • The best way to reduce the risk of CVD is to make healthy lifestyle choices. It is also important to control and maintain a healthy blood pressure, cholesterol level, and blood glucose level if you have diabetes. If you have CKD, this usually means using medication as well as having a healthy lifestyle.

Page updated 21 February 2014

I googled the above and copied it. I became aware of World Kidney Day when I looked at some of the posts by Devon Texas. I think it is a good thing to be informed about what you can do to stay as healthy as possible.

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