How to build a perfect refugee camp


My apologies to my blogger friends for adding another link, this time from New York Times Magazine. This article was published already a week ago, but I came across it only just now. I am very impressed how the refugee problem is handled in Turkey. I wonder are they more humanely thinking than we are?


4 thoughts on “How to build a perfect refugee camp

    1. I think so too, Munira, it is heart warming to see that some people try to do their best to give refugees what you could call “a perfect camp”.
      On the other hand what is mind boggling and frustrating is that there are such a huge number of people who have to flee their homeland because of wars, violence and dispossession.
      Thank you so much, dear Munira, for your comment.

  1. That is a mind opening look into a modern well run refugee camp, I can see why the refugees can be termed Guests.
    It is virtually the making of what we would call, a suburb.
    A lot there that maybe our government could learn from with assistance from the UN

    1. Thanks for commenting, Ian. In my humble opinion if we could convince our government to treat our ‘guests’ as humanely as this, it would probably cost less than what it costs us now to treat them quite horribly in some off shore camps. The problem of course is, and this is a world wide problem!!, that most of the so called ‘guests’ are not likely to be able to be resettled in their home countries some time soon. Most refugees living in camps have to wait at least five years, some maybe ten years, to be resettled anywhere. What sort of a life is this? However to treat them worse than criminals, how can this be right?
      Regards, Auntyuta

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