Berlioz says a discussion with a female may turn into an argument about male/female relationships the female thinking that the male wants to win a point over the female. So Berlioz says that of course males do want to win the point, but on its merits and not in order to put the female participant down.

Cam anyone please tell me, what this argument is about? Well, of course it concerns male/female relationships. But what is the argument actually about and what kind of points do males want to win? Do males ever let a female win an argument?

I started the discussion a few days ago with:

Are we Equals?



I just read the above article in the Sydney Morning Herald. It is an edited version of an article first published in The New York Magazine.

Read more:


So I am asking myself now can married couples be equals? The answer is of course, sure, they can be equals. However in a sexual way they definitely cannot be equals unless they are happy to live more or less in a kind of sibling relationship.

I think the French did get it right a long time ago: Viva la difference!

4 thoughts on “Arguments

  1. “Do males ever let a female win an argument?”

    Exactly, that is what I’m talking about. It has nothing to do with letting someone win an argument. The argument should be won on its own merit and not be won because someone is male or female. Why should anybody let anybody let win an argument?

    1. Hi Berlioz. This is a very interesting question: Why should anybody let anybody win an argument?
      I would say, it depends very much what the argument is about. Males might have about certain things a totally different viewpoint from females, right? So who is to say who is right and who is wrong? What seems right to a woman might not seem right to a man at all and visa versa. So why argue about it? Why not just accept the totally different viewpoints and leave it at this. It has nothing to do with winning or losing. It just has to do with accepting our differences! 🙂
      I reckon the most important thing is that you do not let love fly out of the window. If you feel loved and can love the other person most arguments do not seem to be so very serious in the end.
      Here is to good relationships between men and women! I drink to this! He he

      1. I knew Ian is a wiser man than I am. I did not wanted to have an argument. I was just making a point. Of course you would say, why making a point. You seemed to want to have a tipple. I can’t argue about that.

  2. Now, Berlioz, it’s still rather early in the morning. So let’s leave the ‘tipple’ for a bit later. However I just made some Jasmin tea. I guess this will do for now. Really good for a bit of relaxing, right? 🙂

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