Answering Some Questions

Unload and Unwind

australia I’ve done a couple of posts regarding Australian humour and our assorted flora and fauna that continues to fascinate so many people and I’ve realised that from a lot of the comments that I get there is a great deal that people living outside my country don’t know or the information is gathered courtesy of Crocodile Dundee [thank you for THAT Paul Hogan].

So I’ve decided that over the next few weeks I’ll intersperse some posts, regarding different aspects of life in Australia as well as some of the more exotic of our native animals, with the other items that I put up for public view.  However I think it would be good to start this series with a simple introduction to Australia and Australians.

Now I may spend a great deal of time arguing that my country’s government has lost its mind [which I AM right about]…

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One thought on “Answering Some Questions

  1. When you go to original what Jenni wrote you’ll find the video with the song: I am your are, we are Australians. It is really worth watching. Enjoy! 🙂

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