In March 1879 American Henry George published in San Francisco: PROGRESS AND POVERTY. It is a big read, more than 500 pages. We have had this book  for many years.  Still, I never took time to  read it properly.

You may have noticed that I googled a lot these past few days. It all had to do with where past civilisations and our civilisation are headed for.

The unequal distribution of wealth and privilege is examined. Progress as well as poverty, how can this be? THIS IS THE QUESTION.


In 1979 Agnes George de Mille, the granddaughter of Henry George, published this:



I found the above when I googled ‘Henry George‘. There are many more links to Henry George in Google!

3 thoughts on “UTA’S DIARY

  1. Research and mathematical modelling has shown conclusively that unequal distribution of wealth has led to the downfall of civilisations. But the Rineharts of this world can not get enough. They never do. They think natural justice is for suckers.

    1. This is a very interesting subject, Berlioz, isn’t it?
      The question is, what is a “just” society?
      I know that for instance Henry George was an eloquent speaker and writer, advocating for changes in society to achieve “social justice”. In the 1800s millions of people listened to what he had to say. To this day there are people who study him. Alas, nothing much has changed anywhere as far as social justice is concerned.

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