My Wish For Wednesday – Thought for the Day

Jenni published this post about how important it is that we look after what we regard as World Heritage. I agree with Jenni that it would be a crime to lose these wonders of nature.

Unload and Unwind


Following on from my recent articles in regards to the current danger facing the Great Barrier Reef I would like to take a little step further South, all the way to Tasmania if you will join me.  Here too our government is trying to have the World Heritage Listing for the Tasmanian Old Growth Forests revoked to allow logging and fire bombing in the same manner that they are trying to do to allow dredging and dumping in the reef.

I suppose the Reef has held my attention simply because it is where I live, it is right beside me every day and while I have been working on other articles and with other groups regarding logging, wood chipping and Fracking I have devoted the majority of my ire against the powers that be in terms of  danger to the Reef which I can now see is a little shortsighted…

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2 thoughts on “My Wish For Wednesday – Thought for the Day

  1. Thank you for the re-blog and the sentiment. I hope that more people feel the same and we can do something that will put the brakes on this reckless disregard for our children’s legacy.

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