Last Saturday in May 2014

Tomorrow is Saturday. I said to Peter: Let’s drive up to the highlands tomorrow. What for, said Peter. It’s too cold up there now. I pointed out that in the car it’s warm. For lunch we could stop at the Robertson pie shop  where we could have a delicious meat-pie and some tea.  Further on we could go along this secluded road to that secluded little village where we could have excellent coffee sitting outside on the verandah. We can put warm clothes on. Sure it should be good to sit outside for a while in that crisp fresh air! 🙂 We both loved this place, last time we were there.

I am sure our fourteen year old little car can still make it up Macquarie Pass. It just had a big service and is still going well. And Peter’s eye-sight is quite good now. He does not need to drive with glasses any more. In the past it said on his driver’s license that he needed glasses for driving. It does not say so any more. It was changed when he renewed his license the other day.

I have great memories about our last outing to the highlands. So I hope Peter can be persuaded to go on another tour like this. Why not enjoy life and drive around a bit while we still can? Indeed, why not?

10 thoughts on “Last Saturday in May 2014

  1. I hope you have a lovely outing. So pleased that Peter’s surgery was so successful and he can now manage without glasses. It’s quite an adjustment!

  2. I do hope you had a nice day and that the drive up the escarpment wasn’t too harrowing. We used to go up and down that a lot picking up our grandson who some years ago lived at Gerringong.

  3. We used to stop at Jamberoo and had coffee and cake there. It was very nice and really a top coffee place. It was on the left side of Jamberoo before going back up the escarpment towards Robertson. Did you stop at the Roberson Pie shop?

    1. No, Gerard, today we did not make it to Robertson. We went to Berry instead. There’s a very nice French Baker’s Restaurant there where we had ‘brunch’. 🙂

  4. Saturdays over now Auntyuta, I am late in posts again.
    Hope the drive went well and you enjoyed it as much as your first visit.
    It must be a great relief for Peter to be able to drive without glasses.
    Even not having it endorsed on his licence is a great relief.
    Emu aka Ian

    1. Oh, the weeks pass so quickly, Ian. Yes, the drive went well but we went to Berry instead of going up the pass. Took many pictures in Berry and loved it. Was rather exhausted after all this and in the end we were glad to be home again and having a cup of tea at home. 🙂
      Thanks for commenting, Emu aka Ian. 🙂

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