Lifestyle and Depression

What is this about hormonal imbalance and lifestyle? Lisa Curry apparently is selling supplements. Is she making false claims about the supplements? Some medical people seem to think so according to the above article. Do I understand this right?

And what do some medical people claim about ‘depression’. If a woman is overwhelmed by having to cope with multiple tasks over a long period of time does this lead to depression? Why treat the so called depression instead of seeing to it that the woman is relieved of some of the burdens in her life?

As far as I know a hormonal imbalance is not to be taking lightly. Maybe it can lead to depression. But my question is, does not the hormonal imbalance need to be treated first of all?

At 79 I am well and truly into old age now. But I remember different periods in my life. I am sure I had periods in my life where hormones were playing up quite a bit. Of course in old age some of the aches and pains related to old age are not very welcome, but other things seem to be getting easier. For one, I think there is usually less stress in old age. And if you pamper yourself a bit you have no qualms about it. Also you are probably more likely to admit that some things you cannot do any more. So you enjoy life as much as possible and relax as much as possible! 🙂

4 thoughts on “Lifestyle and Depression

  1. I agree with you here. I cannot see how Lisa Curry can sell herself as a lifestyle coach and advocates the use of supplements as a cure for ‘rushing women’s syndrome’ rather than changing her lifestyle and slowing down.
    I am also reading a book that advocates band-aid therapies for scheduling “periods” of calm in between the frenetic rush of everyday life rather than changing the everyday life.
    I think these days everyone wants a quick fix rather examining what the problem really is.

  2. I think that in old age we do tend to have less stress in many ways depending on our circumstances, but there are many factors in todays society that relate to depression,PTSD,Altheimers, and numerous other factors, they all do bring on or cause depression to a certain degree.
    Emu aka Ian

    1. Hi Emu, Ian! I think if we can look forward to a comfortable old age we are very lucky. Maybe old people can get depressed when they fear their means of support can be taken away from them? Personally I’d like to be able to maintain a certain amount of autonomy. So far so good! 🙂

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