I browsed through a number of pages about the two World Wars in the English section of the German magazine DER SPIEGEL.  It is a topic that interests me since I did experience WORLD WAR II as a child in Germany. I would like to understand how sliding into wars could be avoided. Here is the introduction to these articles and a link to them:



An Endless Legacy

World War II brought more suffering to humanity than any other event in the 20th century. Nearly 60 million people died throughout six years of war, which saw atomic bombs, cities flattened and the Holocaust. Out of the war sprung the atomic age, the Cold War and the division of Germany.

4 thoughts on “WORLD WAR II

  1. It is indeed an endless legacy – sow the wind and reap the whirlwind- The important thing is to learn the lessons and extract whatever positive can be derived from the negative.

    1. I thought, Cat, that Europe was past getting into wars. But the situation in the Ukraine is a bit of a worry, isn’t it? And what about the Middle East? And so many fights in African countries all the time. The refugee problem world wide is getting worse and worse. I wonder, can we really learn from history?

      1. Humankind is selfish and greedy – the aggressor will always conquer the pacifist. But Weltschmerz isn’t the answer either. I find all I can do is trust God.

  2. Oh, there is Weltschmerz. But it goes hand in hand with a lot of courage, and perseverance and love despite all the horrors. True, humankind is selfish and greedy, but the opposite is also true. A lot of the things we have to accept the way they are. Leave things up to God, yes, but on a personal level I want to stand up for my beliefs and work for peace where ever this is possible.
    Even within my own family back in Germany there has been some nasty fighting going on. Maybe some fighting can clear the air. But other fights just result because someone wants to be dominant and is too proud to ever give in and permit consultations!
    To trust in God is the only way out, otherwise we would become too desperate and not be able to enjoy life any more. I think God wants us to be positive and enjoy life as much as possible. None the less we should be ready to help others when it is our turn to be of help.
    Weltschmerz – Would the opposite be joy of life?

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