End of July 2014

Today is already July 30. I think it is about time for me to catch up on my Diary.

The last few weeks have been difficult as far as writing for the diary is concerned. I had often very mixed feelings about what was going on in the world. Usually I felt I could not concentrate enough to do much writing. Just reading what the newspapers said and hearing the news on radio as well as watching them on television became very tiring and upsetting. However whenever I found myself with some spare time I tried to catch up on reading novels. I also went for walks as often as possible. After a bit of walking I usually sat down in the sun for a while to relax. I was always grateful when the winter sun made its appearance. I tried to catch as much of it as possible. 🙂




9 thoughts on “End of July 2014

  1. It is very hard to concentrate on the computer lately Uta
    By the time I see the news and read the news on the net I feel exhausted and depressed.
    The world appears upside down to me at the moment.
    One day at a time to allow the energy and enthusiasm to resurface.
    Emu aka Ian

    1. Yes, cheers, Emu aka Ian. I think, it is best not to watch the news all the time. It’s definitely too depressing. On Tuesday at 1 pm there was an Andre Rieu program on SBS. We are sorry we missed this. Would have cheered us up, for sure. We hope there’s going to be another Andre Rieu program on next Tuesday!
      Wishing you something good may happen to you every day, dear Ian, for your energy and enthusiasm to resurface!
      Much Love

    2. Hi Ian, the news are indeed depressing. What is happening is not really new, but the way we hear about it has changed. With instant communication we experience all in real time. And there is no respite from it. We live in a constant crisis mood. In a globalised world we all live in the same village. The problems of “our neighbours” become our problems too.

      With the MH 17 for instance we felt it straight away, as we have have been flying the same route. Once over Sumatra our plane was buzzed by, I assume, two Indonesian fighter planes. They nearly touched the wing tips of our plane. What were they doing? Checking us out? Why?

      Perhaps we should seek out entertainment that takes our mind off those terrible news.

  2. Good for you balancing personal time with current events (which are depressing right now.)


    1. When the news get too depressing for me, Elizabeth, I just turn them off, What I cannot stand is when the same depressing news get repeated over and over again. Why can’t we have some good news for a change? Waiting, waiting, waiting . . .

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