Burqas Under the Bed – Fabricated Fear for the New Millennium

I think Jenni’s blog is well written with good links. Well worth reading to get a picture where we are at in Australia.

Unload and Unwind

reds-under-the-beds-omg-commies-mommy-politics-1354105987Well it seems as if the new boogeyman of the 21st century is fully established.  Instead of drumming up fear and paranoia at the idea of Reds Under the Bed as was done in the past our governments have now determined that all our fear focused hate should be turned in the direction of those who follow the Muslim faith.  In short we should all fear the ‘Burqa Under the Bed‘ [courtesy of Yvette Scholtmeyer].

Regardless of the political tap dancing our world leaders use to present the idea that they are only interested in those who are extremist in their faith to the point of violence against others the facts are that they have stirred up a mighty brew of xenophobic fear and hatred.  How easy it is to cast stones at those whose beliefs differ to ours especially when we do little…

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15 thoughts on “Burqas Under the Bed – Fabricated Fear for the New Millennium

    1. Since I just turned 80. Jenni, I can remember what it was like in Germany under the Nazi regime. How relieved we were when there was peace and freedom after World War Two!

      1. It’s too easy to forget just how much things can go wrong when people don’t speak out and just let things go until it reaches a point when it is no longer possible to speak out. History paints a very clear picture of what such actions bring but humanity just can’t seem to learn from the past. Frustrating is too mild a word for it but fortunately due to the internet those who want to speak out have a voice those in the past didn’t have access to. Although I’m pretty sure the Abbott government is taking steps to tighten control over social media.

      2. My goodness, Jenni, you seem to think on much the same wave length. – Yes, luckily the internet can be used to make our views known – Well, so far it is possible. Thanks for that. 🙂

  1. This is very sad to read about, Aunty Uta.

    By the way, my nephew, who went to live in Sydney for a year of training for his company, is back here on vacation. He says he’s enjoying his life in Sydney.

    1. Sydney has become very expensive but we love to go there for a visit. You can find some very enjoyable places in Sydney. 🙂
      Thanks for commenting, dear Mary-Ann. Who knows where we are going in future?

      1. BTW, my daughter just got engaged. Her boyfriend of 7 years has proposed. I feel that they are still young, but what the heck! It’s not my life. Guess what! He was born in Washington D.C. but when he was barely 2 years old, his parents moved to Sydney. He came back to study at Stanford University for college and that’s where he met my daughter! Small world, Aunty!

        And yes, he has an Australian accent.

  2. Australia would be better of looking at our rate of youth unemployment which is almost 15%. They are spending 500.000.000.- a year on exercising their pyrotechnical toys bombing far away sandy countries.
    On top of that billions on keeping a few boat people away by the Australian defence Force and keeping them locked up in detention/jails.
    With that money they could have kept our manufacturing motor industry and other large employers of people.
    It is no wonder the young are disillusioned and seek adventure and excitement elsewhere.

    1. I totally agree, Gerard, the money is not spent the way it should be spent. I say, this is very sad state of affairs. It shows that our so called democracy is not working very well. So far it does not effect me personally. I have a good life and nothing to complain about. Still, this does not make me happy go lucky. It is so terrible to think about how more and more people in our own society have no prospects, absolutely none. What causes are the young ones going to fight for? I don’t like it.

      I am officially old now for I am 80; but all this makes me frightened for future generations. Even for well off people there is eventually going to be less and less security in this kind of a world. As Jenni says: ” . . . . humanity just can’t seem to learn from the past.”

      The years when government did not seem to do too much wrong, are long gone. Now they are making more and more mistakes, the same mistakes that had been done by other generations in other countries. Do they learn from the mistakes of the past? Of course not. All their actions are being rationalised to make people believe they do the right thing. And so it goes. . . . .

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