George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four

George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four

I still did not finish reading the whole novel on ‘kindle’. Today I thought about it that we once watched a film version of the book. I wanted to see, whether wikipedia said something about the movie. I did find quite a bit about different movie versions. I also found the following entry about the book in wikipedia.

Here is a bit of what it says on the above page of wikipedia:

Almost all of the information about the world beyond London is given to the reader through government or Party sources, which by the very premise of the novel are unreliable. Specifically, in one episode Julia brings up the idea that the war is fictional and that the rocket bombs falling from time to time on London are fired by the government of Oceania itself, in order to maintain the war atmosphere among the population (better known as a false flag operation). The protagonists have no means of proving or disproving this theory. However, during preparations for Hate Week, rocket bombs fell at an increasing rate, hitting places such as playgrounds and crowded theatres, causing mass casualties and increased hysteria and hatred for the party’s enemies. War is also a convenient pretext for maintaining a huge military–industrial complex in which the state is committed to developing and acquiring large and expensive weapons systems which almost immediately become obsolete and require replacement.
Because of this ambiguity, it is entirely possible that the geopolitical situation described in Goldstein’s book is entirely fictitious; perhaps The Party controls the whole world, or perhaps its power is limited to just Great Britain as a lone and desperate rogue nation using fanaticism and hatred of the outside world to compensate for political impotence. It’s also possible that a genuine resistance movement exists, or that Oceania is indeed under attack by outside forces.”

I say all this sounds pretty ambiguous. But what I remember about the novel and the film and what I’ve re-read this far this is the sort of picture I do get from this novel. All in all some pretty scary ideas about an imagined world. Sometimes these things do sound a little bit too true for comfort!!

11 thoughts on “George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four

  1. Right you are ! It has been suggested, that it can not be proved that those beheadings have been staged or not staged. In an environment where we have known that our government is lying to us anything is possible.

    Australian police have staged raids on 25 premisses targeting people accused of planing attacks and a beheading. Nobody has been charged, a plastic sword has been found. But the whole episode has been the pretext of newe ant-terror laws. The opposition and the media fell completely for this thatre of the dirty tricks department which would make Hollywood proud.

  2. One thing you need to be aware of is the CIA’s role in crafting the film version of 1984, which is the main reason there are different versions for different countries and why all of them are quite a bit different. Frances Stonor Saunders discusses the making of 1984 in Who Paid the Piper? The CIA and the Cultural Cold War. See

    I think it’s helpful to understand why Orwell wrote 1984 and how it relates to his experience in the international brigades in the Spanish Civil War. He started out as a Euro-communist, and was extremely disillusioned when Stalin assisted Franco and the fascists in putting down the insurrection. He describes this in another book Farewell to Catalonia.

    1. Es ist schon interessant, liebe Gislinde, dass gerade von diesem Buch verschiedene unterschiedliche Versionen gemacht wurden. Wir hatten einen swchönen Sonntag mit der Familie. Wir sahen auch wieder unsere beiden Ur-Enkelsöhne. Der kleine Alex ist nun gerade erst zwei Wochen alt, aber wir finden er sieht schon etwas älter aus. Kinder wachsen ja so schnell heran!
      Viele Grüsse, Uta 🙂

  3. 1984 is one of the few sci-fi novels I really love. (That and Farenheit 451). I read it in the 60’s and was absolutely amazed by it. Then I lived through 1984 and read it again. It made the hairs on my arms stand up. There is so much in that book. Also, his book Animal Farm is very good. These are true classics in that they will always hold a kernal of truth that readers from all walks of life and in all eras will recognize.

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