What Is Love?

I liked this post very much. You may find it interesting to have a read of it. Carole has a lot to say about her life experiences. Very well written indeed.

Author -Carole Parkes

Cross-Stitched Wedding

What is Love?

Does anybody know what love is? My guess is no-one can define it, or put it into a single sentence, least of all me. Neither am I an expert on marriage, but, having been married for 49 years, and witnessing my parents’ long marriage; I do feel I might know a bit about it. Enough anyway, to express some views on love, and what makes a relationship work.

My parent’s marriage lasted nearly 76 years, and they never stopped loving each other despite the trials thrown at them. My mum was 18 and pregnant when she married my dad, who was 22. My mum, an only child, had already lost her father when she was 15; he’d had a stroke. Her mother was also ill, from the effects of breathing in cotton fibres at the mill where she worked. She died aged 45 when my mum was just 20. Just…

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3 thoughts on “What Is Love?

  1. Yes, there are no golden rules but looking forward to seeing each other is one of them, making each other laugh another one. The rest…perhaps just good luck and making the best of everything.

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